¨ gallery | ¨ gallery 2010

1st show: estella mare & francesca tallone

monday, august 9th 2010

¨ gallery is initiated by curators francesca tallone {montréal} and estella mare {munich}.

For their first opening they share the tiny space by exhibiting a collage work and a drawing alongside both of which get stolen two months later. Also seven limited edition artworks were given away at the opening of ¨ gallery.

2nd show: ismael duá

sunday, november 7th 2010

After its summer break ¨ gallery is proud to present artist Ismael Duá (*1981) with a solo show. Ismael Duá works in many fields, his only limitation being the format: DIN A4. In a performative action a DIN A4 sized plexiglass was cut and installed in front of ¨ gallery thus highlighting the empty space. A week after the initial performance the artist went and crossed out his signature next to the work, further addressing the presence of absence.