¨ gallery | ¨ gallery 2011

3rd show:  Ronit Wolf - Mummenschanz

tuesday, march 8th 2011

¨ gallery invites you to an exciting little show by ronit wolf: meet us in the twilight and gather for a performance drawing from the odd fascination of google street view and its aftermath: the desire to spot things collides with the desire to cover up or blur reality. we arrive as curious guests and soon become part of the game with special masks given out to protect ourselves from the ger-street-view (a specific method developed by gerhard wolf for the occasion). 

4th show: Ivan Paskalev - 'scrutinizing a tiny luminous interior'

friday, july 1st 2011

with 'scrutinizing a tiny luminous interior' ¨ gallery is proud to present a show by ivan paskalev who calls himself 'consequently non-serious & seriously inconsequent'. he is quite consistent though in his ability to create magic from the tiniest possible things, to permanently change & rearrange what is around him with an easiness & always tongue in cheek when it comes to define what is art. for his upcoming show at ¨ gallery he created the formula: "inside + sight + light = insigh​t".

5th show: 'the hole in the wall gang'

wednesday, july 13th

¨ gallery is participating in the long opening of the maxvorstadt galleries with a show paying tribute to the original 'hole in the wall gang' of butch cassidy & the sundance kid. we are working with the idea that there is a resemblance in the infrastructure of the 'hole in the wall - pass' & our tiny gallery: "geographically, the hideout had all the advantages needed for a gang attempting to evade the authorities. It was easily defended, and impossible for lawmen to access without detection by the outlaws concealed there." if you want to find out what outlaws ¨ gallery conceals, come & take a look!

Anniversary show - Francesca Tallone - Myth of the Flat Earth

tuesday, august 9th

for our one year anniversary Montreal-based, yet steeped in wanderlust, photographer Francesca Tallone explored various horizon lines of Bavarian lakes & landscapes in tiny, transparent layers.

7th show: Aiko Okamoto  - 'dot dot'

tuesday, august 30th

with "dot dot" artist aiko okamoto creates a subtle elliptic space for our tiny gallery, two of her fragile little "dot-heads" symbolizing the ¨ & at the same time unfolding a vague starlike beauty letting us make our own poetic guess about where the dots may lead to .. a universe, no less. 

8th show: GER Wolf - 'YOUR AD HERE'

tuesday, september 13th

with a spectacular happening conceived especially for ¨gallery GER Wolf brings art and commerce into a seemingly harmonic balance, creating a space where artists do not hesitate to sell their souls, a noncritical (do you trust him?) approach to economy: YOUR AD HERE, 'hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen', is the motto of his show. You know you want it.

9th show: Marc Rohweder - Wallflower Study

wednesday, october 5th

“My metal petals are strong, my thin fingers long for touch.
My time will be coming, at some other place or in another open shape.”
Wallflower. An anti-social, shy individuum, who lingers in the background. Placed in a tiny hole or against a wall. A type of loner who no one really knows. It sees everything, knows everything, but does not say a word.

¨gallery all souls procession

monday, october 31st

"double, double toil and trouble;
fire burn, and caldron bubble"

10th show: Eden Veaudry - 'Everything That Bumps Proceeds Into Depth'

wednesday, november, 30th

with 'Everything That Bumps Proceeds Into Depth' Canadian artist Eden Veaudry spins associations around a line of poetry by Blaise Cendrars on the work of Sonia Delaunay. On the lookout for artistic heritage Eden Veaudry has found a very distinct tone of voice, spiralling into the depths of aesthetic language with an almost somnambul certitude. For me Eden's work has long been an inspiration in its richness, its extraordinary quality that touches all senses, makes you hear and see things differently as you venture through the day. She creates a world as she goes about and ¨gallery is very happy to host this world for just one night on November 30th.

c'era un buco nel muro - ¨gallery winter break celebration

friday, december 23rd

celebrating the 'staade zeit', the quiet time between christmas and new year, we will get together at ¨gallery for the last time in 2011 before we start the year anew with elke dreier's upcoming exhibition in late january 2012. we will install a piece of prose writing by federigo tozzi that shall puzzle & intrigue passers by and equip them with a sense of another reality, of stopped time: "there was a hole in the wall and i thought that i might lodge myself in it one day. and so i began to love the whole wall. and eventually i stepped in and stayed; and noone saw me anymore."