exhibitions | Die schöne fremde Angst in mir

Die schöne fremde Angst in mir


Estella Mare, drawings

Aiko Okamoto, photography


11.6.2009, 20 - 24 Uhr

bubu nation vol. 28 | Kranhalle Café (Feierwerk)

Er nahm sich Mut

und fuhr dann gut

auf dem blauen Meer

ja so war er


(Kindergedicht - ca. 1986 Estella Mare)


"Over a period of time I asked people to tell me their childhood fears. There were all kinds of fears coming to me from all over the world, some of them were small, some of them grave, all made an impact, I lived with them. My illustrations to those fears then went  into Das kleine Buch der Ängste (The Small Book of Fears) which was part of my master's thesis that dealt with fear in children's book illustration. Later I had an exhibition called die schoene fremde angst in mir (that beautiful strange fear in me) together with my long time friend artist Aiko Okamoto. We played with that certain tension between fear & beauty that arises when one is confronted with the grandness of existence. In my part of the exhibition there was a photographic display of myself leafing through the book of fears. The original book itself was part of the exhibition, too, people could look at it on their own or choose their favourite image to be projected - I also printed out the collected fears as they were sent to me - anonymously - and people could take them from a box. It is a project that I hope to continue someday with the fears of grownup people."


Kranhalle (Feierwerk)

Hansastrasse 39

81373 München

U/S Heimeranplatz

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