¨ gallery 2013 | Johanna Gundula Eder - Secret Garden

Johanna Gundula Eder - Secret Garden - Homage to the Rites of Spring

March 20th, 6pm


Dear friends,

at the threshold of spring ¨gallery is proud to present a work by Johanna Gundula Eder that connects various influences from mythology to music to a spellbinding encounter with ourselves: "Ariadne's thread is blocking the maze in the attempt to tame the inner monster that finds too many answers to no question and therewith holds back the joys of spring." We certainly do not want to withhold you the joy of joining us for this special event. And, guess what, there'll be sound involved as well! So, perk up your ears and be a part of this exciting new show, enter the secret garden with us!

the puddle-hopping curators