¨ gallery 2012 | K. - The Monk By The Sea As A Stone

K. - The Monk By The Sea As A Stone
wednesday, 29th february 2012


Dear friends of ¨gallery,

with winter coming to an end and spring and its everlasting promises knocking on the door, ¨gallery finds itself involved with connotations of the Romantic Era. For our upcoming exhibition artist Christian Albert, who works under the evocative pseudonym of K., has devised an ambiguous piece that subtly evokes ideas of melancholia by quoting and alienating one of the pivotal masterpieces of German Romanticism, Caspar David Friedrich's 'The Monk By The Sea':


Dialogue Of An Honest Stone


I am not a stone

not there at all

it is the vastness

that makes me dizzy and lie

eternal the moment

clotted in time

gone the monk

in my sea of moving images

I am for blind hands

deep in the night


K., 2012


We hope to see you on the sidewalk with us next Wednesday at six pm. Early guests shall be greeted with drinks!


Eager for spring,

the curators