¨ gallery 2012 | Xenia Fink - Restrained Whisper

Xenia Fink - 'Restrained Whisper'

tuesday, June 26th, 7pm


Dear friends,

for our June show we finally invited Berlin resident Xenia Fink
whose work has been accompanying us for quite some time now.
With their fascinating richness of story and line, her drawings
have imprinted themselves on our minds quite strongly and
we are curious to see what wonders she will unfold on our wall when
she undertakes "an ephemeral act of vandalism, airing a bit of dirty laundry

and a raw wall drawing versus tiny tight lines".

We hope you're just as curious and shall be there with us on the sidewalk
to see 'Restrained Whisper' on June 26th at 7pm straight!

Excitedly yours

the curators