¨ gallery 2012 | Uta Sienel - Break Out - Or Wash It All Away!

Uta Sienel - "Break Out - Or Wash It All Away!"
Wednesday, July 25th, 8pm

With "Break Out - Or Wash It All Away!" artist Uta Sienel temporarily turns ¨gallery into a prison, epitomizing the restricting social conventions and the walls people tend to put up themselves. Ironically playing with her use of material (screenprint, soap and neon sticks) she articulates a plea for breaking free from emotional and imaginary barriers. Perhaps sometimes we do need a piece of imaginary soap to wash off all the pretensions and restrictions we have allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in.

Do come, washed or not, and break out with us on July 25th at 8pm on the sidewalk!
Your busy curators.