¨ gallery 2012 | la môme et d'ac - les noms des chambres

la môme et d'ac - 'les noms des chambres'

monday, may 28th, 6 pm

¨gallery proudly announces its may show:

'les noms des chambres', conceived by a wonderful soul who humbly acts under the pseudonym of 'la môme'. hear what she proposes to us with kaprowesque elegance:

"participants submitting the name(s) of the room(s) inhabited
(written on a single sheet of paper)
the collected names on strips of white paper (1 x 6 cm)
the strips in the hole in the wall i.e. the gallery
submissions in advance
by mail, e-mail or personal message to the curators, the artist or the gallery’s page"

thus trying to bring back poetry into our prosaic lives as she further expresses, you are cordially invited to mail us the names you so chose for the chambers you live in. because, have you thought of it?, maybe they were yearning for a name all the time and you just didn't know.

we cannot wait to act upon the prescription, meet with you on the sidewalk and install the names in the wall,

so give it some thought, send us your ideas
and be with us on monday 28th at six pm!

peace & love

your curators